Funtazmo’s Roller Coaster now open for public


Good news for lovers of roller-coaster rides. Funtazmo, the family entertainment amusement park located at Oman Avenues Mall in Bausher, has premiered its much-awaited new Roller Coaster. With a length of 274 meters and a maximum speed of 9.5 meters/second (nearly 35 kilometers/hour), the Roller Coaster will complete 1 cycle per minute; with capacity of seating 16 people (4 cars with 4 people each), it will entertain up to 500-600 passengers per hour. The ride will include number of inversions, 2airtime hills and plenty of drops, 180 degree turns and twists to enthrall thrill-seekers, who will be secured with over-the-shoulder restraints and interlocking seat belts. The new Roller Coaster has made its home in the second part of Funtazmo, which is located on the second floor.