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Guilt-free Recipes

Enjoy a guilt-free meal with these easy to cook healthy recipes Baked French Fries Ingredients: 4tsp olive...

Worth Every ‘Penny’

The pretty Penny’s Café on the colourful 18th November Street endorses all that the clichéd...

Indian Desserts

Simran Dhanju carries the Diwali light forward with two popular Indian desserts  Firni (Indian sweet pudding) Ingredients:...
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‘Healthy’ Foods can make you Fat

Foods that are labelled ‘healthy’ can still make you fat, especially if they contain high...

Home Gym

Add a workout extension to the ‘home-sweet-home’ concept to make your living space a sanctuary...

Cardiovascular Disease in Women

‘Don’t put yourself at risk’, physicians tell women, as they dispel myth that cardiovascular disease...

Fit at all ages

Your fitness requirements keep changing with age What fitness regimen worked when you were 20 years...

Love, Peace and Zen

Meditation, the silent art of connecting with ones inner self and with the universe itself,...